We all suffer from the bad odours coming out of the litter box. Let’s guide you on how to solve this problem!

The Litter

The Litter is the primary source for containing the odour. It also have to be cleaned DAILY! We handpicked a few of our favourites for you!

The Air

To control the smell, you must control the bacteria. There are 2 devices that works automatically when the cat approaches the litter box. They spray antiseptics & natural perfumes! Pura Air will control the odour in a small area. The MagiCube will control the odours in the entire room.

The Litter Box

A closed litter box is always better than an opened litter box. It must be deep enough for your cat to bury the waste. And big for your cat to be comfortable. We will recommend here a bundle that includes the odour eliminator and a closed litter box with lights! 


NUTRITION! We cannot stress this enough! Bad ingredients will result in bad smells. Heavily processed food will result in bad smells. Pick a minimally-processed food with the best ingredients. And, WATER! Lots of water. Here are some minimally processed dry food with the best ingredients:

Complete Solution

So! A complete solution that will eliminate the odours by 99%? Here is the best solution to your litter problems! You can even keep it in your bedroom! You will be using 75% Less litter! You will be SAVING an average of 120 KDs a year per cat on litter!