SmartPet exchange and return policy


Thank you for choosing SmartPet to purchase your products. In the event you wish to return or exchange your purchased items, the following terms and conditions would apply:

  1. Return and exchange policy period and effective date:
  • Return or exchange will be within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  1. Return and exchange policy:
  • Policy will be applied for goods and products in their original sealed pack.
  • All products and accessories should be included as purchased and provided with original product’s pack.
  • Products that have a manufacturer defect can be exchanged with the same product.
  • For return and exchange, customer should bare KWD 1 for the expenses of delivering the product.
  1. Return and exchange arrangement and location:
  • Customer will be able to return or exchange the product upon a request made on the electronic platform and an agent from SmartPet will pick it up from customer upon request.
  • Original invoice of purchase must be provided during return or exchange procedures.
  1. Return Method:
  • Return or exchange is based upon customer desire and selection.
  • To return a product purchased by credit card or k-net, amount will be deposited to customer’s bank account within 14 working days and the customer has to follow-up payment procedures with their bank branch.
  1. Items no covered by the policy:
  • Defected or damaged items by misuse.
  • Incorrect serial number, original box, color or any different aspect compared to invoice and purchased product.
  • Consumable products.
  1. Warranty
  • SmartPet provide 3 months warranty on electronic devices purchased for less than KWD 50.
  • SmartPet provide 1 year warranty for electronic devices purchased for more than KWD 50.
  1. Privacy Notes:
  • SmartPet is not responsible for any data loss during return or exchange process.
  • SmartPet is not responsible for any information or personal data on customer’s device.
  1. Other Term and Conditions:
  • Smartpet exchanges the purchased item upon availability.
  • Return and Exchange Policy is read as part of the total terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy of SmartPet.