Congratulations! 🎉

First of, Congratulations 🎉 on your Baby Kitten and welcome to the Pet Parent Club! Let us guide you on how to be the Best Pet Parent for your Kitten! 😺


Your Kitten will need different food at different stages of her life. We will divide the ages in a super simple way! 🌺

0 - 4 weeks (New Born)

A New Born should only be fed milk from her mama! If that’s not possible, then you can use formula! 🍼

Note: Avoid Cow’s 🐄 Milk! Cats lack the enzymes to digest lactose.

4 - 8 Weeks (Baby Cat)

Now your baby cat 😸 will be able to digest some ultra soft wet food! She will also need special nutrition like DHA and more.

Fact: DHA helps in the healthy development of the Brain🧠 & eyes 👀

2 - 3 Months (Baby Cat)

Your kitten’s baby teeth 🦷 are fully developed and you can start introducing more solid foods, like regular wet food and dry food specialized for kittens 😺

Fact: Kitten permanent teeth 🦷 develop between 3-4 months.

3 - 12 Months (Kitten)

You can now introduce her to Kitten food, dry and wet! 😺 Your kitten will also start developing her permanent teeth! We will only recommend Complete kitten food 🍲 here:

Note: Complete Food = has all the vitamins & minerals that a cat needs.

Kittens & Adult Cats?

If you have Kittens & Adult Cats and they eat each other’s food? 😹 Don’t Worry! There are excellent foods that are suitable for kittens & adult cats! 😻

Note: Feed your cat healthy food for elevated levels of energy and fun!

Helpful Bundles for Kittens

Make your life easier

If you are tired of changing your cat’s water and adding food 4 times a day, this section is for you!

Water Fountain: All you have to do is add water once a week! It will filter and provide water 24/7.

SmartPet Feeders: All you have to do is refill them once a month! They will provide food for your cat on a schedule everyday!

Toys & Fun

Here are some Toys to keep your kitty Active and Happy! 😺

You can contact us on instagram at anytime if you have any questions regarding your kitten! 😸